Dry Skin

So let’s start with dry skin, because that is something I had for the shortest time and that not many young people deal with. Dry skin = lack of water. That is the main crux of it. And as with my advice for reducing stress, sleeping well, adjusting appetite or any problem really, you should be drinking it. All the time.

Water is ~80% what we’re made of, but we lose a load of it throughout each day, even in winter, so we need to replenish the vessel that is our own sack of blood, flesh and bones with it. Headaches be gone, stress be reduced and dry skin be given what it wants.

Secondly, we all love a hot bath or shower at the end of a long day at school/work, or at the end of a long bus journey – you should for that one. But the problem with hot water is that, while it is extremely relaxing for our muscles, it’s very drying for the skin. To increase the temperature of the body to that level means that water evaporates quicker after we finish washing and it completely strips the natural layer of waxy oils off our body. This can also cause our bodies to produce more oil or, more correctly, sebum (but more on that later).

Thirdly, olive oil is great for your skin. It is natural, you can buy it anywhere to whatever degree of quality you so wish to use (extra virgin* mean more moneys) and works as a moisturiser for pretty much anything on your body. It easily absorbs into the skin – don’t be fooled by certain gels which evaporate rather than penetrate – and lasts for a while, but make sure you wash it off with warm water, as you will get stains on your clothes. It works as a great after wax/shave moisturiser, a lip balm, split end remedy/preventer and is the water of my people (I’m part Italian) – what’s not to love?!

Additionally, using some products, like toners with alcohol, will seriously dry out the outer layer of your skin because of how fast it evaporates and the way it acts with sebum. Instead of an alcoholic toner, make your own with rice water** or buy a toner specific to dry skin. Also be aware that toners do evaporate quickly even without alcohol, so rub it in for a minute or two before you put down the bottle and once it’s dried, put your next creamy product on straight away, or, though it will feel like your skin is super tight and youthful for a minute, you’ll instantly begin to produce sebum to counteract the dryness or your skin will become very dry and flaky.

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