Oily Skin

Okay so for oily skin. This is what I have had most recently and it was for the same reasons and treatment as my dry skin really, just a few changes. Drinking water – if you have oily skin – is also one of the first things to try increasing. Once I started drinking more water – and tea – my headaches went away, as did the first signs of oily face. However, it didn’t necessarily prevent it from getting oily during the day. After months of trying to dry out my face with alcohol toners and strong Clearasil products, I came to the conclusion that this couldn’t be because my face couldn’t get dry enough – it was because it was too dry. When we overwash/overdry our faces, more of our natural sebum is produced to protect the skin, so we basically trick our sebaceous glands into thinking our face is protecting and moisturised by using moisturising face creams. I personally use the 12 step Korean skin care routine as it treats the variety of problems my skin deals with, depending on the season.


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