The Young Common People

One thing I wished I had when I was at school is someone to watch over me – but not a parent or carer or teacher. Someone my age-ish that understood what I was doing or going through and that could help me by being informative about my problems and tell me that I had to deal with them in an unbiased, frank way. Basically, an older sister but not one you have to share a room or argue over make-up with, or experience one dodgy boyfriend of hers after another.

So now with my few years away from school (3 ½ and counting!), I can use my knowledge that I have gleaned from endless periods of trial and error for the various issues that we – the young common people – deal with on a day to day basis.

So hopefully that’s what I can do, offer a frank opinion and solution to problems, and maybe make you laugh a couple of times, because when I say trial and error, what I actually mean is try try try, error, almost, not quite, success and a funny story to tell.


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