How to live on the cheap

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, but don’t let them go off – use every morsel you can get.

Freeze things before they go off.

Buy the basic/value/discount items off the shelf. Don’t buy it if you won’t eat it.

Don’t buy food from café’s or corner shops. Eat at home or bring a packed lunch. A sandwich will cost you 40p at home, or £4 in the city.

Reuse bottles and drink water – juice is both too sugary and expensive. Get your vitamins from fresh fruits and veg.

Pasta and rice can be great as a meal on their own – add some salt/garlic/chilli flakes/oil/cheese/pepper (or all of the above), you’ve got yourself dinner for the week.

Buy in bulk but actually use it.

Don’t get enticed by discounts – buy what is cheaper by the gram.

Know what your luxury items are and replace the unnecessary ones. Find cheaper options of the necessary ones, or space out your demand for them across the month/year.

Keep clothes in storage for different seasons, but don’t forget to get them out when the time comes. You’ll think you have to buy a new set of vests, shorts and sandals, but you will already have them under your bed. It’s like shopping for new things that already have good memories attached to them.

Find the cheapest way to travel – walk if you can. Don’t forget that travel cards are great, but only if it’s worth the money.

Make your own products at home – DIY cosmetics, cleaning products and all sorts are easy and cheap to make. And a lot of them actually work just as well as what they sell for a fortune in the shops.

If you live with a roommate, buy together. Many packs come in pairs, and no one can finish even a small loaf of bread before it goes off nowadays. So share food and the cost will diminish, as will the amount of food you throw out.

Treat yourself, but only once a day and remember what it cost you. That way, you won’t be surprised when you couldn’t find that spare tenner that went on a coffee from the café when you actually really wanted something else.

Cook your lunch and dinner together – use your spares from today’s dinner for tomorrow’s lunch. It will save you time and money.

Only throw out rotten food. Keep or freeze anything else you could use later.

Every ‘empty’ ketchup bottle can be filled with a tiny bit of warm water, shook about and properly emptied. Every toothpaste tube can be cut open at the bottom and used to its fullest.

Shower for no more than 4 minutes. Anything too long for that you shouldn’t be doing in the shower… (I mean like washing your face of course!)

Set your thermostat every 3 months and then leave it. Adjust it only if its too hot

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