How to Become a Morning Person: Organising your Morning in the Evening


Getting up in the morning is hard more many people. Some of you lucky ones will find it very easy, and from almost 21 years of sleeping in, I have conquered those painful morning. And yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I had to get a job and be an adult at some point after university finished. These piece of advice come from 10 months of dragging myself out of bed at 5:30-6:00 a.m. and turning my most hateful time of day to my most serene and peaceful.

When I get home, I have a list of things to do to choose from. I don’t have to do all of them all the time, but I try myself to do as many of these as I can.

  • Unpack my bag
    • Take out lunch
    • Throw away rubbish
  • Put a load of laundry on
  • Eat a healthy snack and drink water so I don’t sleep or stuff myself later
  • Cook dinner and lunch
    • Prepare breakfast too
  • Eat dinner
  • Take out laundry
  • Put away anything in my room (clothes or mess from the morning)
  • Tidy up my plates and pans from dinner
  • Pack my bag
  • Wash face and brush teeth
  • Shower and plait hair or…
  • Use dry shampoo and wash up
  • Make a tea
  • Set my alarm and turn off all technology
  • Stretch to relieve tension
  • Read a book
  • Sprinkle/spray something that smells nice e.g. lavender
  • Turn off all lights and go to sleep

These things mean that when you wake up, the only things you have to do are

  • brush your teeth
  • wash your face
  • get dressed
  • leave the house

Now doesn’t that sound like an easy morning to you? Happy sleeping in!


Still not working? Here are some more heavy duty tricks for the truly dedicated sleepers who need a bit more of a kick:

cold shower kolaj

  • Keep a morning snack by your bed – a flapjack, biscuit, orange…anything to persuade you not to snooze for the fifth time.
  • Try not to snooze – see how nicely that led on from the last one. Try try try to stay awake if you wake up a couple of minites or even up to half an hour before your alarm goes off. If you’ve woken up for a reason that isn’t the kids next door playing dogdeball against the bedroom wall, your body is saying it has finished its sleep cycle. Either wake up now, or enjoy waking your body up halfway into your next 1 1/2 hour slot of REM sleepy time. And good luck with that.
  • Drink water first thing in the morning, maybe even keeping that next to your flapjack. Water is obviously very good for you, and we’ve all left the house in a rush ready for an hour commute with the only water having been past our lips used for brushing our teeth. A bit of cold water will wake you up a bit, reduce the swelling on your cheeks from sleeping and also wash away all that spit that accumulates while you snooze. Some of you will instead wake up with a dry mouth, and obviously this has the same solution as a gobby one.
  • Turn your light on straight away – the photons that hit your eyes make your body produce a chemical that tells you it’s wake-y wake-y time. Stay around bright and natural as much as you can, but in the winter you will have to rely on your bedside lamp for luminary assistance.
  • Have a cold shower – the benefits go on and also you will make some hilarious noises.
  • Follow a routine of when to stop eating and drinking coffee during the day.

If these things still don’t work, I would suggest re-thinking the parts of your routine that might disturb your sleep, like not having 7-8 hours per night, using technology before/in bed or eating a lot very late at night.



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