Review: Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Cream and Essence

Since I had such a good experience with the Tonymoly Appletox Honey cream, I have vowed to change my skincare routine and fit it more to those who clearly know better: Asia. I have sampled and trialled – but not yet errored – with some of the different brands over in Korea.

Next on my list to review however is one of my most recent purchases: the Aloe Moistfull cream and essence. I ordered this after going through old and out of date skin care products I had and found that I was not using a thicker cream when I needed it and relying on my Tonymoly product to calm my face. I had recently had a bad breakout and so my face was always feeling sore and red, so I looked for something calming and soothing – and I found that this was perfect.

When I was my face, it goes extremely red instantly. Even if I was it with cold water, most products encourage the blood to rush to my cheeks and so everything suddenly looks worse than it did a minute ago. Though I don’t use particularly harsh chemicals on my face anymore, I do find that I get very sore patches from blemishes and dryness, so when I used these two in tandem, I was very happy to feel instant relief.

Not MY red face, but basically what I end up looking like. Thanks Leo 🙂

My first impressions, to be frank, were a little disappointing: the cream and bottle of essence are very small, but I do use the essence often and a month later I can only see a little dent in the amount it has in there. The cream is actually going a bit faster but there is still quite a lot left. The essence had leaked ever so slightly when I opened the box, but only enough to make the lid a tiny bit sticky. I have read on other reviews that this is a common thing.

After washing my face, I immediately patted the essence in which was absorbed instantly – my skin had been very dry at the time. After that I used my usual products in between – eye cream, emulsion, spot treatment etc… – and I was quite happy to be using a mild and quite light moisturiser that stayed moisturising. This has been my main problem before – some creams just irritate my skin further and if they don’t they are not thick enough creams. But I really feel that – yet again – Korean skin care has won my heart! 🙂

What’s in it?

Main ingredients of this – that I have deciphered – are:

  • Baobab Tree extracts used to lift and tighten skin. Originating from African deserts, each tree trunk is said to store around 120,000 litres of water – I mean, you would though right, living in the desert and all 😛
  • Organic Aloe extract for its soothing effects. We have all heard it’s good but here’s a bit about it: it’s great for moisturising, being basically water, very cooling so it’s used on burns of most kinds, and the kind of aloe used in this is approved by the USDA, so if it’s good enough for the Koreans and the Americans, it’s got to be good enough for us too.

Important to mention what’s not in this one too: parabens, talc and ethanol, things you tend to avoid if you’re looking for natural and soothing skin products, though the essence does have alcohol in it, which can be a little drying for some but not in my experience of this product.

So overall – great! Not the best thing I have received due to the packaging, size and the ingredients list is a little longer than my usual products, but yes I would recommend it and yes I would buy it again.

Hope this helps!

For more help on dry or irritated skin, why not check out my post on that very subject?! And called, funnily enough, Dry Skin 🙂

Etude House Poster Aloe Moistfull

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