6 Months of Sheet Masks: Part Two – The Results Are In

I dug out my Aloe Vera Korean sheet masks from waaaaay back at the back of my medicine draw – a.k.a. the dumping ground of random crap and a pack of paracetamol – and every couple of weeks tried one of these.


These fit my face much better, and were much easier to unfurl. The eye holes were smaller – no surprises there, these were designed for the average Korean face – so my big eyes fit snugly in them and the lips were quite tiny too. I realised this was fine for me, as then it would reach all around my face, even onto my lips and eyelids – and who doesn’t want soft eye lids? 😉

The first time, I put it on in the bath, which I kind of regret. I didn’t fit it on properly before, and so when I got out, I could see hundreds of creases when the sheet just wasn’t in contact with my face. It also got a little wet from the bath water, and my Jason mask started looking like a saggy turkey neck. And FYI, trying to wash my hair with this mask on was nigh on hilarious for except me. Shame I was the only one to see it.

The second time I learnt my lesson and did it in bed watching HBO’s Girls, which was the smart decision. However, both times I had a lovely experience with the aftereffects – though these were more cooling and soothing for redness on my face than the moisturising nature of the No7 mask, I really loved this experience.


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