Cheap Easy Meals…that look and taste great! Part Two

Just to explain the ‘Part Two’ in the title, this is a continuation on from my last post, also called ‘Cheap Easy Meals…‘. Check out the link for recipes from Italy and Morocco.

Today I would like to talk to you about one of my favourites – a fancy take on an old classic for students that you can make as simply or sophisticated as you like, with many different options. Today I would like to tell you about….


The Amazing Toasted Cheese Sandwich 

These work as a great substitution for mozzarella sticks!

This has always been a favourite snack or lunch for me and friends during cram sessions at uni or when your junk food cravings kick in. But it started to strike me that this was both highly addictive and quite unhealthy, so I decided to mix up my options. Here is the recipe with some of my new substitutions:


Cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, low fat cheese – you decide, all three taste great with a bit of parmesan grated on top

Dried Herbs: basil, oregano, you can’t go wrong with either of these

Bread: this is one you can go nuts on, literally – try white, brown, malted granary, seeded etc…

Tomato Sauce: ketchup, passata, pre-made sauce – anything will do

Chilli (optional): flakes, oil, fresh – go nuts and burn your face off!


Grill or Pan or Grilling Machine or Sandwich Maker


1. Select your bread. I always use brown, malted granary.

2. Select your cheese. My preference always goes to mozzarella and cheddar mixed!

3. If you want you can use butter or oil on the bread but the cheese tends to do this anyway, so I tend to go for the healthier option and skip the buttery part.

4. Place thin strips of cheese on the bread. Too much is both unhealthy and will make a mess. Basically, anything that doesn’t go into your mouth will end up on the grill and no one wants to waste good cheese.


5. Sprinkle your herbs on the cheese. Go crazy because it just ends up tasting so great, and takes it to the next step from being student food to adult food.

6. Heat up the pan or grill. I love to use the grilling machine/sandwich maker, as it reallly compacts the bread and toasts it nicely.

7. For an extra treat, this is the time to spray a little oil on the top of the bread and sprinkle a thin layer of your favourite herbs on top. This is partly for show, partly because you get that extra bit of what you love.

8. Toast you sandwich for as long as you want. Levels of toastiness are a very personal thing.

9. Prepare the tomato dipping sauce. For a bit of nice presentation I might put it in a teeny tiny bowl, but for me just dollop it on the side of a small plate. If you’re really into your herbs or forgot to sprinkle some on the sandwich, add some to the sauce!

10. When the sandwich is done (and here’s the trick!) cut it along the lines of the grill into soldiers of any thickness.

Enjoy with that look of satisfaction as all your family or house mates look on you with envy, or compliment your mad skills.

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